Assisted Living

The term "Assisted Living" became popular in the late 1980's and was used by the retirement industry to describe programs of personal care that are now available in most retirement residences, life care communities and larger residential care centers throughout Sacramento.

Until the mid 1980's, the need for personal care had been handled by small "board and care" homes or by nursing homes. Most retirement residences had little or no programs for seniors that needed personal care. In order to meet the growing care needs of their residents, most retirement residences have now instituted personal care programs for those who need it.

There are now many Assisted Living Facilities located in the Sacramento area that have comprehensive programs that cater to seniors who cannot live on their own. These are facilities specially constructed for the purpose of caring for seniors.

Some facilities have less than 20 beds and some are over 200. Larger is not always better. It is important to visit as many as you can to get a feel for what is available before you make a choice.

Moving can be difficult and stressful at any age.  But, as we grow older, it can be traumatic.  So, when you begin your search for senior living options. don't make your decision based on the care needs of today; choose an option that will also meet your needs in the future.